Love that I went through the first three books of a series thinking a character was a man to find out at he end of the third one that she’s actually a chick and the next book is based on her. It explains sooo much and the author was so clever….like she never used masculine or feminine pronouns for her through the other books but because of the whole casino in the 1800s thing you think she’s a dude….

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I kinda hate explaining my major and the reasons why I chose to pursue it and when I get asked to apply what I learned to everyone I can’t because I literally felt like I wasted 4 years learning nothing at an institution with which I shared a mutual disinterest and I did anything I could to make sure there wouldn’t be a delay my exit. Whatever elation I felt when I got accepted by that place was squashed within my first few days of being there. Whoever said that college would be the best four years of your life must have been joking. It wasn’t a very good joke either since I went in hoping all my dreams would be realized and instead I felt every one of them shatter quite brilliantly and I can’t help but feel bitter that whatever I could have been or done was squashed by a cold indifferent entity. My degree is useless to me. So thank you, UIC, for a meaningless bit of fancy paper and the waste of what could have been an excellent academic career.

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I’m writing about a hypothetical child of Lord Voldemort in my genetics reflection paper about heritable personalities and behaviors…my professor is crotchety and old and I really hope he gets what’s I’m talking about or this will be a very confusing and awkward read…

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Four papers, one exam, one presentation, and three finals to go. Let’s get this shit done with!

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